“Lisa is an exceptional leader in the field of HR consulting. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Lisa for several years through Overcoming Job Transitions. She is a capable and extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise and beyond. Lisa is caring and compassionate. At OJT she has been a speaker, as well as assisted with resume writing and interview skills. Many owe their success in the job market to her excellent work.”

– Deborah Bradshaw, Speaker, Author, and Consultant for Refind Impressions

“Lisa has been a friend, client, and staffing partner to me and American StaffCorp for at least 10 years. Lisa is a true HR Professional with a wide variety of background and knowledge in her field. I’d recommend any business needing high value HR consulting to turn to Lisa.”

– Casey Lamb, President, American StaffCorp

“Lisa is so giving. She is always willing to dive in and provide expert advice to those with job search needs. I highly recommend Lisa as you are seeking career assistance.”

– Chris Zervas, Owner, Leadership Vision and Leader of Overcoming Job Transition

“Lisa has provided her HR expertise in helping others in job transitions through a non-profit in the Tulsa area. Her insights and practical applications for those on the leadership team has given others the tools they need to help people who are trying to find their next opportunity. Work with Lisa . . . she’s that good!”

– Rick Coltman, Chief Marketing Strategist, Coltman Consulting Group and Leader of Overcoming Job Transition

“I hired Lisa in November of 2010 as my senior recruiter. Her job is to match professionals with our corporate partners. She does this with grace and professionalism. I never have to worry about how a client will be taken care of once I pass them to her. During her first week with Part-Time Pros she said “you pay me good money and when I am at work, I come to work.” This is the epitome of who Lisa is as a professional and as an employee. She is very hard working and dedicated to her job. Part-Time Pros is blessed to have her as a team member. In addition to being such a great asset to us, she is a great asset to the community. She has volunteered numerous hours to helping job seekers on their resumes, interviewing techniques etc. She is also an active member of TAHRA where her passion for HR is exuded by her leadership on their board. Lisa is an asset to Part-Time Pros and the community as a whole.” 

– Carey Baker, manager, Part-Time Pros/ProRecruiters

“Lisa is a complete joy to work with! She has a positive attitude each and every day. Her main goal is to not only ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with their employee choice, but to also make sure that the candidate is just as excited. Lisa believes that there is a job for everyone, and she tries her best to find that perfect fit! She is patient and will explain different scenarios to help you better understand, whether it is for a co-worker, a client or a candidate. She goes out of her way to help each individual to the best of her ability!”

– Margaret Wish, colleague

“Working for Lisa is an extreme pleasure. Her expertise as a recruiter and professionalism make for an excellent combination for success in her position and for Part-Time Pros. She is a firm believer in that there is a job for everyone. She is passionate about making Part-Time Pros a success. I have personally viewed her provide constructive feedback to candidates to help them land that perfect position. So much so, that the candidate is left with wanting more on how they can be the perfect candidate.”

– India LeNoir, direct report

“Lisa is the ultimate professional as a recruiter. Supportive and dedicated in service to others. When my family moved back to Tulsa, Lisa was one of the first career representatives that I met. She works very smart and hard to provide the best opportunities. She is personable, diligent and enthusiastic with helping others. Lisa has a very extensive network in this area, and coordinates those relationships to help others. I have enjoyed working with her.”

– Michael Turner, job seeker and client

“Lisa persistently worked on our case until she found the right hire. Even though I was picky and didn’t follow her advice, she cheerfully guided us through hiring and insured our success.  Lisa saved me a ton of money.

– Scott Hambrick, client

“Lisa is a self-motivated individual who is passionate about helping others. She is excellent at accessing an individual’s talents and skills and matching them with a rewarding career. She is trustworthy and honest in all her endeavors.

– Lisa Turner, job seeker

Unflappable. Professional. Rockstar. Lisa has been a volunteer presenter giving of her time and expertise for two job search ministries that I help lead. When she presents, she is a textbook pro staying on target, giving job candidates sound advice in a way they can use. If I were on a job hunt, or seeking candidates for my organization, I would CONFIDENTLY trust Lisa to help with the process!”

– Russ Knight, organizer of Employment Transition Ministry and Employment Transition Ministry

“Lisa’s depth of knowledge and experience, as well as empathy and quick understanding, combine to yield excellent results. I found her to be consistently on target with her recommendations, and a rewarding person to work with and to know. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking a consultant with outstanding acumen and supportive, perceptive communication.

– Heather Cupp, job seeker and speaker at Overcoming Job Transition

“Lisa is one of the hardest working individuals I have met. I have learned so much from Lisa’s attitude, professional mannerisms and work ethic. Not only does Lisa have excellent written and verbal communication skills, she is organized, professional and intelligent. Her positive attitude is infectious. Lisa was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with the managers, supervisors, employees and potential candidates. Lisa has been a great mentor to me and I hope to learn more from her in the future.”

– Lauren Albright, colleague; mentee, CommunityCare of Oklahoma

“I cannot say enough how wonderful working with Lisa was! Not only is she extremely dedicated and thorough, but she also has the most positive attitude in absolutely every situation. She has outstanding communication skills and her enthusiasm is contagious. I learned so much from working with Lisa, both professionally and personally.”

– Emily Davis, colleague

“I worked with Lisa for about 18 months. Lisa was my contact person when I hired on at CCOK. She on-boarded me before I started the job, guiding me through the testing process employed by CCOK. Lisa approaches her work very professionally. I observed her after normal working hours making recruiting calls to accommodate job seekers. I heartily recommend Lisa as a recruiting professional. She will do an excellent job for you.”

– John Thomas, candidate initially; hired as VP of Finance, CommunityCare of Oklahoma

“Lisa is extremely knowledgeable of her industry and a true professional. She is very reliable and a pleasure to work with.”

– David Solomon, colleague, CommunityCare of Oklahoma

“Lisa is a talented and driven recruiter who places a great deal of care and consideration into her work. She is a true professional and is a pleasure to work with as a coworker and superior. Lisa is organized and has excellent communication skills. I highly recommend Lisa without reservation.”

– David Tollette, intern; mentee, CommunityCare of Oklahoma

“Lisa is impressive to work with, always professional and in a pleasant mood; she is a valuable asset to any HR department fortunate enough to recruit her.”

– Daniel Regan, intern, CommunityCare of Oklahoma

“Lisa was a smart, decisive leader who clearly identified and defined the ideal candidate’s for her company. She was responsive and thorough with feedback. I always respected her professionalism and efficiency. She was also very helpful dispensing advice for my own career and development.”

– Todd Jones, vendor

“Lisa has always been extremely professional, encouraging and helpful. She is delightful to work with!”

–  Marsha Kennedy, job seeker

“For nearly 2 years I was very fortunate to report directly to Lisa. She is an excellent manager always leading by example. Two areas that I truly recognized her value was her ability to always remain calm & collected while also being the biggest encourager. She was an example to me by approaching every situation with the up-most tact. Lisa always stretched me to better, encouraging me when I was down and pushing me when I was weak. I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with her and develop my own strengths from her leadership.”

–  Angela Remington, direct report, Adecco