HR FAQ: We are such a small company. Do we really need a Human Resources employee?

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No, you don’t actually need an HR employee on staff. However, you do need HR expertise.

An HR Consultant is the perfect option!

A Consultant protects the company from thousands to millions of dollars in fines and settlements by ensuring the company is in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

A Consultant also provides guidance on best strategies for the recruitment and selection process as well as making the best hiring decisions.

An HR Consultant collaborates with management in handling employee relations issues. This includes investigations and receiving and researching formal complaints.  An HR Consultant costs a fraction of a legal dispute.

A Consultant partners with management to create policies and procedures as well as employee handbooks to ensure the company has best practices outlined and also helps ensure those policies and procedures are followed.  Being proactive in this particular area of HR can protect organizations in the event of a legal dispute.

Ultimately, an HR Consultant costs a fraction of a full-time, qualified, certified HR employee and definitely less than the cost to defend a claim including any settlements.

As a dual-certified HR professional, Lisa is required to maintain her certifications through continuing education credits.  Through consistent continued education, Lisa demonstrates her expertise is relevant, competent, and credible.

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